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Why Us?

The M.M.A Difference 

What makes Moke's different than other martial arts schools?

Moke's Martial Arts is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of Pennsylvania. It is registered with the Pennsylvania Charities Bureau, and is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of local volunteers, each of whom has a long history of involvement in community and civic affairs.

Moke’s Martial Arts was born out of a simple idea: share our knowledge and passion for martial arts by bringing high quality and affordable classes to children and adults of our surrounding communities.


 It is our mission to help our students develop and grow both physically and mentally through progression in martial arts and fitness training.  We will accomplish this by offering the highest quality of innovative and enjoyable martial arts and fitness instruction in a fun, clean, safe, and positive environment.  Our goal is to encourage individuals and families to lead healthy, fulfilling lifestyles while assisting them with thier martial arts and fitness related goals.  We seek to touch the lives of as many individuals as possible through martial arts and fitness.

With over 100 years combined experience among our instructors, our goal is to transform lives through martial arts as it did for each of us.  We focus on not only the physical aspect but also total character development to enable us to build successful students in all aspects of their lives. 

We offer classes in Taekwondo (ITF), Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and DDP Yoga.

Our classes are broken down by age to ensure that we can adopt our lesson plans to be relevant to the maturity of the students.  You can not effectively teach a 6 year old in the same class as a 25 year old.


No matter your fitness level or goals, we'll help you get to where you want to be!!!


The day-to-day operations of the Corporation are performed by the President and CEO who holds an Accounting Degree and MBA with more than two decades of business experience.

Contact us today to try a class for FREE!

301 Fallowfield Avenue
Charleroi, PA 15022
Phone: 724-797-8699

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