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Benoit Kihumbu (Sensei Ben)


Originally from the Republic of Congo, Sensei Ben was bullied as a kid.  To regain confidence and self-esteem, he explored various martial arts, including Taekwondo.  Ultimately, he found Judo, which means "the gentle way" in Japanese.  Sensei Ben has been a member of the United State Judo Federation and a black belt since 2005.

Sensei Ben is also he CEO and Chief Instructor of the South Hills Judo Academy in Pittsburgh, PA.


Sensei Ben enjoys giving back to the community and believes that most of his accomplishments in his education and professional life is due to his dedication to Judo, which gives him the confidence to get back up when he falls down.

Sensei Ben is the CEO/Founder/Owner of Foundation Bon Samaritan.  As the world's humanitarian needs continue to increase leaving helpless individuals every year, with the majority of them being children.  Foundation Bon Samaritan hopes to educate students, families, and businesses in Western Pennsylvania and beyond about the crisis so the real change can occur.

Foundation Bon Samaritan, which is also legally established in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is gearing up to respond to the many challenges of the local population of Bandundu DRC.  This includes involving villagers to participate actively in the foundation activities so that the children can start studying instead of collecting water, working in the fields, and hunting for food.  The Foundation strives for the youth to learn a useful trade rather than taking up weapons and becoming rebel soldiers in wars, and to keep the girls safe from all of the violence.

Sensei Ben travels to Congo a few times a year to take supplies and help strengthen the educational system to help the children.

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