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Five Masters.jpg

(l-r) Master Todd Crouch, Master Kerrie Morris,

Master Bruce Smith, Master Chuck Balieu (owner and head instructor)

The four founding members all trained and received their black belts at the former BCAC Academy of Taekwondo under the instruction of Master Mickey Forte.

After each of left BCAC, we all shared a similar vision, to provide not only exceptional street self defense but to also to teach our students life lessons and build their character. 

During our first meeting in  December 2018 the four founders (Master Chuck Balieu, Master Bruce Smith, Master Kerrie Liles and Master Todd Crouch) agreed that we needed to create an atmosphere that was like no other in the Mon Valley. 

We knew that we needed to separate classes by age groups, create a fun and inviting atmosphere, and promote character development while providing the absolute best martial arts training for our students. 

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