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- What kinds of classes are offered at Moke`s Martial Arts

We offer a variety of programs, including Taekwondo, Judo, Hapkido, and DDP yoga classes for all ages!  Through our experience we found that offering multiple classes broken down by age groups is the most effective way for students to learn.  Our Taekwondo classes are broken into different age groups while Judo and Hapkido are all ages.


See our individual program pages for more information!

Everyone from a 3 year old beginner to the most advanced adult.  Our current students range from 3 - 62 years old.

- Who would be a good fit to train at Moke`s Martial Arts

- Does your Dojang offer classes for Kids?

Yes, classes atart at age 3.  Please refer to our program pages for descriptions of our classes and contact us to learn more.

- How are classes structured?

All classes are structured to the maturity and skill level of our students.  We begin by warming up and stretching followed by a cardio workout where the students learn and continue to work on the various techniques including blocks, kicks, and hand techniques.  After that we will focus on sparring, self defense, and/or forms.

- What do I wear my first time (Intro Class) to class?

Just loose fitting pants and a t shirt is all that you need to join us and begin your martial arts journey!

- What is DDPY yoga?

DDPY Workouts combine yoga positions, sports rehab therapy, old-school calisthenics, and dynamic resistance. Yes, we're way more than just Yoga!  Our workouts strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons while stabilizing core muscles, increasing flexibility, agility, and balance.  All this while delivering a great cardio workout with minimal joint impact.

Our workouts are designed to meet you where you are.  DDPY is designed for all fitness level and there are modifications for every position.  The class is led by Ace of Spades Fitness owner Derek Reeves.  Derek was the first one in Western Pennsylvania certified as an instructor in DDP Yoga!

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