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Current Rank:  Black Belt – Il dan (1st Degree)


Current Instructor: 

Grandmaster Erich Wilson – Pal Dan (8th Dan)

Organizations: Asian American Martial Arts Alliance

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Current Rank: Black Belt - Sam dan (3rd Degree)


Current Instructors: 

Grandmaster Erich Wilson - Pal Dan (8th Degree)

Master Charles Balieu – Yuk Dan (6th Degree)


Organization: Asian American Martial Arts Alliance


Former Instructors:

Grandmaster Mickey Forte – Chil Dan (7th Degree)

Grandmaster Dan Obusek – Chil Dan (7th Degree)


Former Dojangs:

BCAC Academy of Taekwondo 

Performance Martial Arts & Fitness


Sensei Jake McCall is from Elizabeth, Pennsylvania and been training in martial arts since he was in preschool. He has trained under many instructors such as the late Master Mickey Forte, and Grandmaster Dan Obusek.

He currently trains under Grandmaster Erich Wilson and Master Chuck Balieu. Jake has training in ITF and WTF styles of Taekwondo (3rd Dan), Hapkido (1st Dan), and Judo.  He is also an accomplished tournament fighter, having competed in state and regional tournaments. Jake has led the 13+ classes and is currently spearheading the Hapkido program.


Jake believes that each individual has their own strengths and abilities and adapts instruction to what best fits the group, but is still challenging enough to promote growth. Jake incorporates his training in his various styles to create a holistic martial arts program.

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